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Learn about the Texas Plastic Recycling Commodity Board!

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Inform Your Public Officials

Our local and state officials need to hear your stories about how litter is affecting your lives. (Click here to find who represents you). Ask them to support our innovative rebate program that provides a free market solution to our litter problem.

Follow and Share Our Stories

We need help spreading our message and our mission. Do you have Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Whatever it is, click here for our latest post on Facebook and share it with your friends!

Share Your Pictures

What's the situation look like in your community? Snap a picture and share it with us on our social media pages, submit it via our contact form, or email us at We're always looking for new images we can feature in our campaign! 


Help us continue the work. Your monetary support will allow us to continue our ongoing projects to collect data and raise awareness of Texas' litter problem. Please take a minute and donate online today. Your donation makes a difference!


Texans For Clean Water
1901 Lexington
Houston TX 77098

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