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HB 3210 Texas (CLEAN) Advisory Council – by Rep Ed Thompson (R-29-Pearland)

Industry led effort to produce more feedstocks for Texas manufacturers while cutting costs to consumers by reducing litter and extending the life of current landfills.

Establishes a 13-person council, appointed by state leadership from packaging and associated industries along with agriculture and conservation stakeholders. See below table of representative appointments.  

TFCW - Texas Clean Advisory Council org chart.png

Additional voting, ex officio members include the following or designee: Comptroller, TXDOT Executive Director, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

The council will meet at least quarterly and receive no compensation for participation to:

  1. Develop and implement a program that recovers and recycles 85% of beverage containers and significantly reduces carryout bags

  2. Develop a statewide litter reduction and prevention program

  3. Evaluate existing state litter laws and report to the legislature on their effectiveness 


Additionally, the council will determine how any money generated is spent for the purposes of the chapter, develop a system to prevent fraud, and work with manufacturers to maximize the amount of recovered material returned to the production cycle.  
Annual reports are required to the governor and legislature with a final report on the details of program operation framework by September 1, 2027. 

The comptroller will research the most effective methods to effectuate the chapter and make rules as necessary.


Strategic Materials logo.dbd77aac.png

Largest glass recycler in North America. Facilities in Midlothian and Houston.

ball logo.jpg

Largest aluminum can manufacturer in North America. Facilities in Conroe and Fort Worth.

indorama logo.png

Largest PET plastic manufacturer and recycler in the world with a presence in Dallas, Port Neches, Pasadena, Chocolate Bayou, and Dayton supporting more than 600 employees.


Bottles Ozarka and PureLife Water in Texas. Texas locations include Hawkins, Dallas, Pasadena, and Plano.


A nonprofit founded by Texas businesses leaders to advocate for solutions to waterborne litter that benefit the economy and the environment.

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