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Help Texas create a statewide recycling program

We are so close to getting a statewide recycling program for Texas!

If passed, HB 3210 will create a statewide recycling program that grows our economy while protecting our environment. HB 3210 is being heard in committee, Thursday, April 20, 2023 before it is sent to the House floor for a final vote. 

Not all bills make it out of committee, but public opinion plays a huge role. Learn below how to submit a public comment and help us get Texas one step closer to a statewide recycling program! 

1. Click the button below to fill out the form.

2. Enter your name, adress, and identifying information (needed to verify you are a Texas resident). 

3. Select "HB 3210 by Thompson, Ed" as the bill you want to support.

4. Enter the following message and/or personalize it as you like!

Dear Members of the Environmental Regulation Committee: HB 3210 is a win/win for our Texas economy and our environment. Recycling in Texas already accounts for nearly $5 billion annually. Meanwhile, the cost to taxpayers of addressing litter and illegal dumping is around $125 million per year. Other states have been able to reduce litter by up to 50% through recycling programs, just like the one proposed in HB 3210. By passing it, we could potentially grow our economy by billions while also protecting our lakes, rivers, roadways, waterways, fish, livestock, and wildlife. Please report this bill favorably and send it to the House floor! 

5. Hit the "submit" button! 

Ready to take action? Hit the button and fill out the form!

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