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Plastic Waste in Texas By-The-Numbers



The amount of trash and litter produced annually in Texas



Texas Cities spend millions per year to deal with litter & illegal dumping 


$50 Million

wasted in Texas tax dollars annually 


When Texas' four largest population centers will start to run out of landfill space




participation rates in other states with the rebate program



Additional Research & Information

  Plastic to Work Initiative - Burns & McDonnell report, Texans for Clean Water engaged a third-party engineering firm to evaluate an innovative approach to address litter, create jobs, and rebuild communities by increasing the recovery and recycling of plastics in Texas. 1/2018

  Cost of Litter and Illegal Dumping -  Burns & McDonnell report titled The Cost of Litter and Illegal Dumping in Texas: A Study of Nine Cities Across the State​. 2/20/2017

  Port NOLA Trash Free Waters (TFW) Pilot Project - In collaboration with U.S. EPA, port tenants and community stakeholders, Port NOLA is working to address the universal issue of trash, litter and debris and to prevent it from reaching our waterways. 11/3/2015

  Stemming the Tide - Ocean Conservancy's 2015 report on a way forward to eliminate ocean plastic.  Ocean Conservancy worked with the McKinsey Center for Business & Environment to lead a comprehensive study, Stemming the Tide supported by Alliance members, The Coca-Cola Company, the Dow Chemical Company, the American Chemistry Council, World Wildlife Fund and the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA). 

  Texas Legislators' Interim Charge on Litter Study - The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs received an interim charge to "Study and make recommendations on the effects of windblown and waterborne litter. The study should include an analysis of the economic effects of litter, any necessary methods to prevent and remediate litter, and an assessment of state and local programs to reduce litter." Link to be updated as information becomes available. 10/8/2015

  Data in the Heart of Texas - Resource Recycling reports a recent study indicates significant recycling opportunities exist in the Lone Star State, and the numbers have grabbed the attention of state legislators. 9/1/15

■  Conserve, Renew, Restore - Framework for Implementing the RESTORE Act on the Texas Gulf Coast. 8/2015

  What's in Our Trash? - City of Austin, Waste Characterization Study 2015

  Texas Recycling Data Initiative (TRDI) Report - State Of Texas Alliance of Recyclers report (TX rate 18.9%)

  2013 Texas Litter Survey - TxDOT Don't Mess with Texas Visible Litter Study Full Report

  Adopt-A-Beach Fall Cleanup Results - General Land Office Fall 2014 Location Report 

  Adopt-A-Beach Fall Cleanup Top 10 Results - General Land Office Fall 2014 Items Report 

  Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet - The growing consumption of bottled water raises questions about the product’s economic and environmental costs. Among the most significant concerns are the resources required to produce plastic bottles and to deliver filled bottles to consumers, including both energy and water. 2/2007

  Plastics Facts & Statistics - Container Recycling Institute

  Laws on Illegal Dumping - TIDRC's 0verview of Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 365

  United Nations Report - Plastic Waste Causes Financial Damage of US$13 Billion to Marine Ecosystems Each Year as Concern Grows over Microplastics. 6/23/2014 

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